Abrasion resistance is the ability of a coating to withstand any method of wearing down or rubbing away by means of erosion, rubbing, scraping, or other ablative action during manufacturing and service. This ability helps the coating maintain its original structure and appearance, and resist mechanical wear.  Taber Abrasion test determines the resistance of organic coatings to abrasion produced by the Taber Abraser on coatings applied to a plane and rigid metal surface.  In this test, the abrasion resistance is calculated as loss in weight at a specified number of abrasion cycles, as loss in weight per cycle, or as number of cycles required to remove a unit amount of coating thickness.


A Plus Coating’s Taber Abrasion Test Apparatus

Test method for the Taber Abrasion is available in:

  • ASTM D4060

Test Samples:

100 mm in diameter or 100 by 100 mm one side coated flat and rigid panels with thickness of the specimen should be no greater than 6.3 mm and each panel shall have a 6.5 mm center hole