Horizontal Directional Drilling is a trenchless technology for laying pipelines, which is a widely used technique for installing sections of underground pipeline in areas that would otherwise cause a variety of problems.  However, when pulling pipes through the directional drilled holes, the surrounding rock or stones might cause gouging of the coated protective coating to expose the steel.  Gouge test determines the resistance of an organic coating system to gouge or scratch damage.   The test method is primarily for testing the gouge resistance of thermosetting coatings, such as fusion-bonded epoxy (FBE), liquid epoxies, and extruded polyolefins (PE and PP), etc.


A Plus Coating’s Gouge Resistance Test Apparatus


Test methods for the gouge resistance are available in:

  • CSA Z245.20, Section 12.15
  • CSA Z245.21, Section 12.7
  • NACE TM0215

Test Samples:

  • Coated flat steel panel sample
  • Externally coated pipe sample