Our state-of-the-art laboratory facility provides a wide-ranging and comprehensive coating testing services. Our sophisticated instruments are operated by skillful and knowledgeable specialists to deliver efficient, accurate and reliable data and conclusions.  Our capabilities include routine testing as per standard test methods, qualification testing as per industry specifications, coating performance assessment, failure analysis, and custom testing to simulate real life.

The following is the partial list of our routine tests:

Test Method(s)   Test Method(s)
Autoclave NACE TM0185

API RP 5L2, Appendix E

API RP 5L2, Appendix F

API RP 5L7, Appendix 10

ISO 15741, Annex C

ISO 15741, Annex D

Standard Atlas Cell and  Pressurized Atlas Cell NACE TM0174

ASTM D6943

Impact Resistance ASTM G14

ASTM D2794

CSA Z245.20, Section 12.12

NACE SP0394, Appendix I

API RP 5L7, Appendix 14

API RP 5L9, Appendix J

ISO 21809-1, Annex E

ISO 21809-2, Annex A.14

ISO 21809-3, Annex D

BS EN 10289, Annex C

BS EN 10290, Annex C

BS EN 10268, Annex H

DIN 30670, Annex H

Cathodic Disbondment CSA Z245.20, Section 12.8

CSA Z245.21, Section 12.3 ASTM G8; ASTM G42


ISO 15711

ISO 21809-1, Annex H

ISO 21809-2, Annex A.9 and Annex A.10

ISO 21809-3, Annex G


NACE SP0394, Appendix F

API RP 5L7, Appendix 11

API RP 5L9, Appendix G

BS EN 10289, Annex E

BS EN 10290, Annex E

BS EN 10268, Annex K



CSA Z245.20, Section 12.11

NACE SP0394, Appendix H

API RP 5L7, Appendix 13

API RP 5L9, Appendix I

ISO 21809-1, Annex I

ISO 21809-2, Annex A13

BS EN 10290, Annex K

Penetration (Indentation) Resistance ASTM G17

ISO 21809-1, Annex F

ISO 21809-3, Annex E

BS EN 10289, Annex H

BS EN 10290, Annex H

BS EN 10268, Annex G

Hot Water Soak

(Hot-Water Adhesion)

CSA Z245.20, Section 12.14

NACE SP0394, Appendix J

API RP 5L7, Appendix 16

API RP 5L9, Appendix L

ISO 21809-1, Annex M

ISO 21809-2, Annex A.16

ISO 21809-3, Annex I

BS EN 10289, Annex G

BS EN 10290, Annex G

Specific Electrical Insulation Resistance ISO 21809-3, Annex F

BS EN 10289, Annex F

BS EN 10290, Annex F

BS EN 10268, Annex G

DIN 30670, Annex J

Gouge Resistance CSA Z245.20, Section 12.15

CSA Z245.21, Section 12.7


Thermal Cycling ASTM D6944
Salt Spray ASTM B117

ASTM G85 (Annexes 1, 2, & 5)

ISO 9227 (NSS and AASS)

UV/Condensation ASTM D4587


ISO 16474-3, Method A

ISO 4892-3

Cyclic Corrosion

(Weathering, Ageing Resistance)

ASTM D5894

ISO 12944-9 Annex B


Water Condensation ASTM D4585

ISO 6270-1

Differential Scanning Calorimetry


ASTM E1356

ASTM D3418

CSA Z245.20, Section 12.7

NACE SP0394, Appendix D

API RP 5L7, Appendix 5

ISO 11357-2

ISO 21809-1, Annex D

ISO 21809-2, Annex A.8

ISO 21809-3, Annex P

Chemical Resistance NACE TM0174 Procedure B


ASTM D1308

ISO 2812-1

ISO 2812-2


API RP 5L7, Appendix 12

API RP 5L9, Appendix H

Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) ISO 16773-2 Taber Abrasion ASTM D4060
Specular Gloss ASTM D523 Durometer Hardness

Shore D

ASTM D2240
Pull-Off Adhesion ASTM D4541 Method D

ISO 4624 Method B

API RP 5L7 Appendix 9

Adhesion by Knife ASTM D6677

ISO 21809-3, Annex Q

BS EN 10289, Annex D

BS EN 10290, Annex D

BS EN 10268, Annex G

Water Vapour


ASTM E96/ASTM E 96M Water Method

ASTM D1653 Method B-Wet Cup Condition C

Water Absorption ASTM D570